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Organic Tea Blends

Hollow Reed Holistic has the finest quality of organic, hand packed teas. 

Here is a list of my current stock- 

Air-soothes coughs, clear lungs                          15g $6 Earth-cleansing, detox                                    20g $10 

Chaga Chai-antioxidant                                45g $10  Cold Mama-hot flashes                           20g $6, Jar $18 

Elder Combo-colds & flu                                  25g $6  Himalayan Chai-digestion, nerves       20g $10, Jar $22

Lunar Lover- inner calm, sleep support               20g $6

Manitoba Wilderness-energy, cleansing 25g $6, Jar $18  

Moroccan Mint-focus, antioxidant         25g $10, Jar $22  Nettle Nourishment-

                        -energy, blood builder      15g $6, Jar $18

Om Shantea-calm, adrenal support                   15g $6    Peace GI-sooth digestion & inflammation    25g $6, Jar $18

Relaxos Rancheros-sleep, calm                           25g $6

Rainbow Royaltea-                                         

to soften inner blockages from stress & trauma   25g-$6

Sleepy Hollow-sleep, calm(good for kids)          25g $6

Yerba Mate/Pau D'arco

        -candida cleanse, energy, calm                20g $6

Viva La Diva-calming yet energizing              20g $6

Viva La Resistance-immune support               40g $10    Wise One-mental clarity                     20g $6, Jar $18                        

**If there is a tea not listed please msg and I can look into ordering the tea blend