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Aroma Inhalers

Breathe-This inhaler is a little stronger, it has a blend of essential oils that help relieve a stuffy nose caused by colds & allergies.This inhaler can be used at any time of day & may even help with sleep.
Calm (Anxiety)-perfect to use when you are feeling worked up, can't focus or anxiety is at its extreme.Take the inhaler with a couple of long deep breathes to feel centered, at peace & ready to deal with whats ahead.
Can be used at any time of day
Uplifting-to improve alertness, to improve energy, to stimulate the mind & to help stay focused.  Perfect for a morning pick me up.  Can be used any time of day, just open cap, take 3 long deep breathes in & out.
**May not want to use close to bedtime
$6 each
$7 for custom inhalers